Be Careful What You Wish For

A couple  summers ago I went on a lovely bike ride through the forest preserves to the Botanical Garden with my girlfriend Deana.  As we usually do on such an outing, we packed a picnic like it was a brown bag lunch for an eight year old.  String cheese, peanut butter and jelly and, of course, juice boxes (she likes the dumb 100% juice kind, I’m a hi-c man).  While we were eating lunch, Deana remarked in an off hand way that the only way the day could be better was if she had someplace to put her juice box so she could drink it while we rode.  Fast forward to her birthday in December:

Bike mounted juice box holder

Of course she had no recollection of that conversation.

That’s actually the second of three iterations.  The first one broke before it was even mounted on her bike.  The second vibrated to pieces after a couple rides.  By making the side slats wider and applying a bit of super glue I was able to fix both problems.  The second version also didn’t do a very good job of actually keeping the juice box from flying out when you hit a bump, so I added a bit of elastic to hold it down.

Bill of materials:

1 1′ x2′ 1/4″ thick piece of wood for laser cutting (that’s just the size of the laser cutter’s bed at PS: One)
4 3″ long #10-32 bolts
4 #10-32 acorn nuts
super glue

The broken first version

The first iteration.  Ouch.

I’m currently working on a new version since the alternating slats are a little delicate for the kind of beating riding Chicago’s streets all year puts this thing through.  Shout out to Deana for being such a champ and putting up with the necessary revisions.  Stay tuned for updates!


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