Hello Birfday!

My birthday was this past week and Deana got me an excellently geeky gift: a Pebble! After playing around with watchfaces and installing apps, I did what any self-respecting nerd would do: I decided to write myself a birthday app.  It’s just Hello World with a birthday twist, but I had a lot of fun and was impressed with how easy it was to get started.

I’m currently between dev machines (my last laptop died a gruesome bootloadery death) so I spent a while trying to get things set up on my Windows box.  There’s a VM you can use with all the dev tools already setup so I started installing Vagrant and VirtualBox.  Once I got to actually pulling down the VM image I hit a roadblock.  With my crappy Clear connection it was going to take ~4 hours to download.  It was already past 3 in the morning at this point and I wanted to get this done before going to bed.  Enter CloudPebble. It’s an online Pebble IDE.  It’s fantastic.  You make your code changes, you hit compile, it gives you a nice short URL you can visit from your phone to download the pbw file so you can install it on your phone and watch.  I’m a huge fan.  You can even hook it up to GitHub so you can push/pull to a repo from the site.

Once I made it to CloudPebble it was smooth sailing.  I did a Hello World tutorial and started tweaking to get things right.  I replaced “Hello World” with “Happy Birthday Avner!” which didn’t quite fit on the watch’s screen (watchface?).  I broke up the sentence into two text layers and offset them from each other. Ta da!

Check out the Hello Birfday source if you want to see what Pebble apps look like.


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