Year in Review 2013

Too much happened in 2013 and too recently for me to try and review everything that happened, so I’ll stick to the things most relevant to this blog.  Namely my projects and this blog itself.

First, some blog stats:
Articles:  7 (up 140% from last year’s 5)
Total word count:  2298, 9.1 pages* (up 127% from last year’s 1803, 7.2 pages*)
Average words per article:  328.3 words / 1.3 pages* (down 9% from last year’s 360.6, 1.4 pages*)
Views:  454 (up 142% from last year’s 318)
*250 words is roughly one page, hand written

I’m happy that I wrote more than last year, though the decrease in article length isn’t super exciting.  Articles and pageviews are both up 140% which is kind of interesting.  I imagine there’s a point at which writing more doesn’t directly translate into more pageviews, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to break the article per month barrier before that becomes true.

In 2013 I branched out a bit and started working on some new platforms.  I wrote my first ever Firefox plugin, I wrote a quick and dirty ‘Hello World’ style app for my new Pebble watch, and got my feet wet with some home automation.

I’ve started using two new tools this year that have really helped me be more productive and organized.  I started using Beeminder in September and have found it to be a fantastic addition to my toolbox.  It’s data focused goal tracking powered by science and a team that is serious about eating their own dog food.  It’s currently helping me stay in shape, write more, and be more productive all around.  They also have an excellent data policy (you own it and can leave whenever you want to).  I also recently migrated my to do lists to Trello.  I think it’s an improvement, but I haven’t been using it long enough to tell.  I also want to give a shout out to 750words.  My one month trial just expired and I haven’t decided whether to pull the trigger on paying for it, but the trial has inspired me write more which I am very happy about.

I’m going to end this year in review on a personal note.  In November I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend Deana.  She said yes.  Don’t be surprised if you see some wedding related projects over the next year or so.


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