Ginger Champagne 2014

Another year another batch of ginger champagne.  The 2013 batch turned out pretty well but a little sweeter than we expected.  A couple bottles didn’t carbonate but made for a decent liqueur and mixer.  Overall it was good enough that we decided to do another batch.  We adjusted the recipe in a couple of different ways.  First, we decided to make a full 5 gallon batch instead of the half batch we made last year.  We also used a mix of brown and white sugar, but less of it than last year since it turned out on the sweet side.

This was the first time we brewed a 5 gallon batch and we ran into some difficulties we didn’t anticipate.  We didn’t have a pot large enough so we ended up using multiple batches and then adding extra water after the steep.  Since we used multiple pots we needed multiple steeping bags but only had one.  Next year we’ll either buy an appropriately size pot or sterilize some water ahead of time to cool with.  Or both.

The recipe we used was basically a double batch of last year’s recipe with the following alterations:

  • 1lb 10oz ginger, peeled and grated
  • 3lbs 6oz brown sugar
  • 6lbs 12oz white sugar

We saved the ginger and zested the lemons again to make some infusion experiments.  I made ginger-lemon brandy and ginger-lemon vodka that I’m looking forward to trying out soon!


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