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2015 in Review

2015!  What a year.  In May my long time girlfriend and roommate Deana and I got married. It was… It was amazing. So many of our friends and family were able to join us to celebrate and we were just blown away by the love. Thank you to everyone that helped make that day the kickass event that it was.  There were also some fairly low parts, some losses and scary trips to the hospital for close family members.  A mixed year, in many ways, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  I made moderate progress on almost all of my goals from last year and I’m feeling pretty upbeat about 2016 too.

Not a whole lot has changed here since last year.  I’m still using Beeminder, IFTTT, Zapier and Trello to automate goal tracking.  It’s working fairly well for me.  I’ve spent a bit of time looking into Huginn, which I think would be an excellent addition but I haven’t found the killer use yet that has made me feel I need to set it up immediately.  I’ve also had a server migration pending for a while now that has put any additions like that on hold.

I’m going to include my GitHub stats here for continuity’s sake, but the truth is that my focus this year has been on projects that don’t (or at least didn’t) yield blog posts or need repositories.  As I said in the opening, I got married in May. Understandably that distracted me a tad from other projects, including this blog and especially crypto pals (which never really recovered).

New repos: 1
Commits: 6
Repos contributed to: 1
Pull Requests accepted: 0

Articles: 13 (up from 8 last year)
Total word count: 5694 words, 22.776 pages* (up quite a bit from last year’s ~2300 words/~9 pages)
Views: 769 (up from last year’s 602)
*250 words is roughly one page, hand written

I accomplished both of the goals I set for myself in last year’s review.  Writing (somewhat) monthly book reviews helped me break the blog post per month barrier.  Not a big accomplishment but it makes it seem a bit more lively around here and is a milestone nonetheless.  They don’t seem super popular but I think they’ve been good for both my reading and writing habits so I’m planning to keep them around for 2016.  I also wanted to do more writing that stood on its own.  In November I wrote about my depression publicly for the first time in Algorithms Without Empathy, my first essay on this site. I was very nervous about it but I got really great feedback and started some really good conversations here, on Facebook and in person. I’m really happy I hit the publish button and I hope to produce more essays like that this year.

Other than the essay and the reviews, not a whole lot happened on this blog.  It’s been mostly personal project documentation and this year my main project was getting married.  As awesome as that was (and it was really awesome), I didn’t get a whole lot of blog material out of it.




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