Books Read in October

These “books read” posts may be on the light side for a while. I’m in the middle of rereading the Wheel of Time series and I’ve decided to do a review of the entire series once I’ve finished rather than one for each book.

Shadoweyes: Volume One (12) – Written and illustrated by Sophie Campbell, this webcomic’s first print edition was published by Iron Circus Comics through KickStarter. I backed it. It’s the story of a young black woman living in what feels like a 90’s dystopian mega-city version of Detroit. She gains the ability to turn into a super strong blue skinned creature after getting knocked out on her first night as a vigilante. Soon she discovers that she can’t turn back. As she turns to fighting crime full time she discovers that what she is and what she does is polarizing, changing friendships and relationships along the way. I enjoyed the story, especially the super-cutesy faux My Little Pony loving friend Sparkle, though the pacing isn’t entirely smooth. It’s one of the few ways that you can feel the webcomic origins peaking through this (beautifully printed) volume. And it is a beautiful book — the paper is heavy and feels wonderful, the foil highlights on the cover look great and the whole thing feels really good in your hands — heavy and high quality. Volume one ends with a pretty serious cliffhanger and I’m eager to see what volume two holds.

The Sleep of Reason (31) – Another Iron Circus publication, this horror comic anthology was a perfect Halloween read. Over 25 creepy stories ranging from as few as 6 pages to the mid 20s. The art and stories cover a range of styles, from cutesy to realistic and campfire ghost stories to downright disturbing.


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